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Transform your cloud storage into local drives to manage your files more easily
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Being a user of more than one cloud storage service implies having several GUIs installed on your system and memorizing various log-in details to be able to access your files. CloudMounter offers you the possibility of transforming those cloud access points into virtual local drives so that you can access, copy, edit, move or delete your documents, backups, or media files as easily as if they were stored on your PC.

CloudMounter for Windows is limited to three of the most commonly used cloud storage services – Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Once installed, the program will show you three icons (one for each of these services) that will take you to the corresponding sign-in interfaces. You can log in into as many accounts as you wish in each of these services, though only the first one is free – if you wish to have unlimited access to all your accounts on the cloud, you’ll need to purchase a license. The log-in info can usually be stored for future access, thought the way it works for each cloud service and the access permissions granted to CloudMounter may vary from service to service. Once you’ve linked them all to CloudMounter, all you’ll need to do is mount and unmount your drives to have access to your data.

You can choose your favorite letters to identify the different virtual drives, and they’ll appear listed on your Windows Explorer together with all your other internal and external hard drives. You can now access, edit, and manage your files as you’d do on any physical storage device without using up valuable HD space.

Though a bit limited access-wise when compared to the Mac version, CloudMounter is a useful and straightforward cloud manager more suitable for – but not limited to – users that need to handle multiple accounts hosted by multiple cloud services. That said, users subscribed to only one of those services can equally benefit from the advantages that having all their data virtually stored on their PC surely brings to anyone.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-click mount and dismount operations
  • Selectable drive letter
  • Support for all well-known cloud services
  • One free account per cloud service


  • The Windows version supports only three cloud services
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